Saturday, June 28, 2008

I'd like to be a college student again . . .

I've been reading drafts of some features that mStoner is writing for the psychology department. (Sidebar: the psychology department is a part of the initial re.web launch on July 31!)

I should have taken more psychology as an undergrad - the courses described in these special interest features (SPIFFs) drafted by mStoner are catching my attention. The subject of one SPIFF is Professor Connie Pilkington's annual "neuron firing event." In Psyc 201, Professor Pilkington takes 300 undergrads outside to explain the complex electrochemical process that makes neurons fire.

A second SPIFF is about Psyc 422, Behavior Modification. Professor Janice Zeman offers a unique assignment and personal way for her students to apply what they've learned about behavioral theory.

Look for these and other great features in just 33 days.

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