Monday, June 30, 2008

Don't try this at home.

We've occasionally blogged about what's going live when the new website launches on July 31. Until now, we've summarized it qualitatively.

Last week, we built out the information architecture for all of the go-live features, pages and sites within Cascade. Despite an IA that requires 1,150 rows in an Excel spreadsheet, we finished on time. Andrew, Joel, Mark, and Tina: you always meet the goal!

**Warning: Spoiler**
(if you are involved in the build-out and migration of the new site, you may want to stop reading here)

So let's go quantitative this time: there will be at least 808 new web pages on July 31. And the vast majority of these new pages will have all new content! Want to know why the number of rows in the spreadsheet exceeds the number of new pages? Because we also built folders in Cascade for images, graphics, and documents in the new sites.

This 808 page total doesn't even count the individual blog entry pages that our brand-new student, staff and faculty bloggers are currently writing. I'm betting we hit 1,000 pages.

And photography - do you really want to go there? Okay, latest count, there are nearly 350 photos (and we are identifying more as I write this).

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