Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Red Dot in the House

Today, two representatives of RedDot were on campus to demonstrate their web content management system to about 15 from various W&M departments (including Swem, Law School, and VIMS!) There is no doubt that RedDot is an enterprise solution - filled with functionality, and characterized by a very straightforward, easy-to-use interface. Two Virginia schools have recently purchased RedDot - VCU and Longwood.

In the coming weeks, we hope to host demonstrations for other products. Mark Windley has been speaking with folks from PaperThin about the CMS called CommonSpot. More on that later.

posted by Susan Evans

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

And Then There Were Three

In the next couple of weeks, three web consulting firms will be on campus. Members of the RFP Committee and others at W&M will have the opportunity to attend presentations outlining the proposals of these three web information architecture and design firms.

I've been involved in the web at W&M for more than five years and am lucky to be a part of this effort. There is lots of excitement about the possibilities that re.web will bring.

posted by Susan Evans

Sunday, June 17, 2007

A Tale of Two Web Projects

Last week, many of us on the re.web project had the opportunity to meet with Kevin Kiley, Barb Parcell, and Karen Reay from VIMS. It turns out VIMS is also working to redesign their web presence. We had a good discussion, exchanging ideas and ways to allow VIMS to take advantage of the College's redesign effort.

posted by Susan Evans

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Just because we're not talking about it ....

.... doesn't mean we're not hard at work reviewing proposals submitted in response to our web information architecture and design RFP. We're working under the direction of the College's Procurement Office and right now, there's no discussing it.

Just know that we're committed to finding the best web consultant we can for W&M!

posted by Susan Evans