Friday, June 27, 2008

copyWrite - It's Academic

In this week's copyWrite, we post an entry with a bit of copy from the new Academics section of the new W&M website.

The best small public university in America. Period.

William & Mary is an academic powerhouse. Our undergraduate and graduate students choose W&M because of its celebrated liberal arts tradition and commitment to hands-on, original research. They know they’ll work hard, but that their uncommon efforts will be personally, academically and professionally rewarding.

Our faculty members are not only internationally recognized leaders in their fields, but passionately engaged educators. They understand that original research, meaningful community service, and a first-person global perspective have the power to turn an ordinary class into an unforgettable experience.

Academic life at William & Mary is spread across five schools and dozens of academic departments. If we do our job right, then you’ll step foot in nearly all of them. Our students are too multi-talented and intellectually curious to be pigeonholed as a “chemistry major” or a “law student.”

If you’re seeking to be challenged, engaged, inspired—to be educated—you belong at William & Mary.

posted by Susan Evans

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