Sunday, June 8, 2008

We're Psyched

The Psychology Department is working on transitioning their website, with an eye toward launching it with the rest of the College's new site on July 31. Steve Otto and Connie Pilkington met last week to plan and talk about options.

Using the new layouts for Arts & Sciences departments, we're glad to report that the new website for Psychology will also have a special interest feature bank. This SPIFF bank will offer short features about Psychology students, faculty, research, and more. The mStoner writers will use suggestions from the Psychology to whip up some features to unveil at launch. In fact, we already have a list of faculty who have agreed to be contacted by the mStoner writers. Thanks all!

We'll also find some new photography for the Psychology site - the new rotating banner image on their site will include eight or so different images. With some direction from the Psychology Department, Joel will be on the hunt to propose photos that work.

posted by Susan Evans

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