Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Migration Location

Still at it. Migration of content continues. Several W&M web managers are using the new web CMS to build new sites for the July 31 launch. How do the web managers feel about Cascade at W&M?

Look at the big smile on John Wallace's face.

And, what are the web managers saying about Cascade at W&M?

The new product is actually much better than what we currently have. It's great being on the ground floor of this effort and having the chance to influence how Cascade will work for W&M web managers.

-German Mendez, Registrar's Office

posted by Susan Evans


W&M Biz Student said...

Susan, you're clearly doing something right! People never smile when they migrate content! Good job!

re.web said...

I don't think John's really as happy as he looks. But he was nice enough to smile; musta been all that chocolate.