Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cascade on a need to know basis.

The new W&M website will launch in less than three weeks. For now, learning how to use the new web CMS is on a need to know basis.

Tomorrow, we start week three of content migration - a fancy way of saying more W&M web managers will be coming to Blow 311 to create new websites in Cascade. We expect to see Kathy Larrieu this week as she finishes up some Arts & Sciences sites. And, Amy Sikes will be working with us on the new Financial Aid site.

David Williard is continuing the build-out of the new News & Events site - the functionality for adding multimedia files to Cascade should be ready for David to use. Last week, Erin Zagursky (also from University Relations) devoted some of her Friday afternoon to learning the new system for creating web pages.

The consensus is that Cascade is very easy to use. I'm enjoying the fact that folks are using it and we've offered no formal training and no documentation.

Quote of the week from Blow 311 came from Renell Franklin (Development). When asked about using Cascade, Renell proclaimed, "It's easy. You'd have to be a biscuit head not to understand it."

posted by Susan Evans

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Erin Z. said...

Oh! I feel like I'm a member of a secret society -- an awesome secret society that provides an endless supply of candy, pie and other delights to its members!