Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A letter home from "camp"

Dear Family and Friends,

We are having a great time here at W&M Operation Launch! Our camp counselor, Reverend Blair, is making us all write to our families in case you saw the 404 page and worried. We are OK. Only 1 new page and 2 table layouts got washed away. Luckily, none of us realized because we were all arguing about web-safe colors when it happened.

Oh yes, please call Tina's mother and tell her she is OK. She can't write because she is way too busy cleaning up HTML. I got to learn some new unix commands today. It was neat. Roger won't let me use the rm -rf * - he's so mean. Mr. Tyler got mad at Mark for going on a Google search alone without telling anyone. Mark said he did tell him, but it was during the database failure so he probably didn't hear him.

Norborne isn't crabby like some camp directors. He didn't even get mad about the broken links. He can be demanding though. He asked Andrew to draw a new map of camp (with new driving directions) and give it to you after you get here.

We will be home on Friday if (when!) the new website launches. Lord Boutetort told Joel that with a site that old you have to expect something to look weird in IE. Do you think we could get everyone to use Firefox?

I have to go now. We are locking ourselves up in Blow 311 again today. Don't worry about anything. We are fine. Can you send more Fig Newtons? We ran out.

Love, Susan

P.S. How long has it been since we backed up our web files?


Anonymous said...

I, for one, would be delighted if everyone converted to Firefox! Or at least away from IE.
You guys are made of awesome, by the way.

Trevor said...

I thought this blog was about freshman orientation.