Wednesday, July 23, 2008

At least the people love us

Back in May, the re.web blog was nominated for an eduStyle Award for "Best Institutional Blog."

Yesterday, we got the word that the re.web blog was named the People's Choice Winner. Since we're busy launching a website, we weren't on hand to receive the award at the eduWEB conference. (Missed a trip to Atlantic City!)

eduStyle Awards Announcement

Congrats to our colleagues at Missouri University of Science and Technology who won the top award for their Name Change Conversations Blog.


Andrew said...

We had to miss the eduWEB wing-ding ourselves. The name change is over (more of less) but we were tied up with a solar car race.

Congrats on the recognition! It's well deserved.

Andrew Careaga
director of communications
Missouri University of Science and Technology

Anonymous said...

Well deserved recognition indeed!!!