Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Yes! The new W&M website is launching on Thursday. With any takeoff, there comes a bit of turbulence. Don't be alarmed if you are directed to a page you didn't expect or if you receive the ever comforting "page not found." You can expect some flakiness with links while we transition. We'll be dodging those air pockets as quickly as we can.

Please don't evaluate the quality of the search results from the new site right away. Search engines may take until Monday to catch up.

Send an email to web@wm.edu if you find errors after Thursday. We appreciate your patience through this transition.

posted by Tina Coleman


Andrea said...

Susan and team:

This is one of th best things to happen at William & Mary!!! Great job!


Andrea@The B-school

Anonymous said...

So, it's Thursday, when's H-Hour?