Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Do You Want the Good News or the Bad News?

When the new W&M website launches on July 31, it'll all be good news because News at W&M will be displayed in a robust and carefully planned News & Events site.

Mike Connolly, Brian Whitson, David Williard, and Joe McClain spent two hours in our favorite windowless conference room on Tuesday afternoon. Ben & Jerry joined us - we also consumed Dove Bars and Reese's PB cups!

Andrew, Mark and I walked through the technical implementation of the design mock ups that we'd finalized back in March. The news for News is good because we'll have a site that can showcase the audio, video, features, galleries and micro-sites that are the hallmarks of the current News site. The work of University Relations offers compelling profiles of faculty research, and great coverage and stories of the activities and goings on of W&M faculty, students, and staff. This is going to be a great new site; I'd like to think there's another CASE award in store for University Relations . . .

We covered a lot of ground between frozen treats and we have a plan. They were okay with the bad news too. When it comes down to it, building a new website is just a lot of hard work. The reality is that individual news stories and press releases from 2008 will need to be migrated. (Migrate: a fancy word that when you're lucky implies automation; but in this case means someone has to copy and paste content from the legacy web server to Cascade.) Let's not even talk about the photos that need to be cropped and optimized for the web.

In early July, we start pouring content into Cascade. This will require more Dove Bars and plenty of pizza. Wonder if our colleagues in University Relations like pepperoni, anchovy, or sausage? Maybe they'll post a comment letting me know ;-)

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