Thursday, May 22, 2008

New Websites for Arts & Sciences

Departments, programs and office in Arts & Sciences will represent 35 - 40 websites in the new W&M web presence. Steve Otto, Joel Pattison, Kathy Larrieu, and I spent a couple more hours in windowless conference rooms talking about design details - with good results.

posted by Susan Evans


David Armstrong (physics) said...

Moving the Nav bar is a great improvement, IMHO.

Many thanks for being responsive to the concerns raisedby A&S faculty, etc.!

I hope that the categories listed in
the departmental menu bar down the left side can
be customized for the needs of the individual department, i.e. the word "Research" or
"Physics Research" must appear on the
left-most list for the physics department... as
I assume "Graduate Program" will not appear
for, eg. Geology, unlike in the mockup Geology
page shown...

re.web said...

Hi Dave,

Glad you like these. The items in the left menu are the main navigational links for departmental content. And yes, the information architecture for your site will drive what's there. So in an actual website, Graduate Program would not appear on departmental sites where no graduate program exists.