Friday, May 23, 2008

R U Blogging?

We can provide lots of information on our website for prospective students and parents about the many majors and programs we offer, the cost to attend and how great campus life can be. But, let’s get personal (and honest).

Isn’t it logical to think that reading about W&M from the view of a current student, staff or faculty member would be interesting and appealing? We think so. So, in the new world order for the W&M web, we will have blogs.

So, who’s going to blog? Not long ago, we solicited bloggers using a form in myWM (our campus portal) and received over 80 responses within a couple of weeks. Wow!

Next steps? Given the work still to be done for the July 31 launch of the top-level W&M sites, we’re going to start the blogs in baby steps.

We’re very lucky to have a great partnership with the Undergraduate Admission office as they recognize the value and impact blogs can have. Over the summer, they will task about a dozen student interns with blogging for the W&M web. We’ll hopefully be able to include a couple of faculty and staff bloggers as well. Then, in the fall when the dust has settled a bit, we will expand our list of official bloggers from our list of eager respondents.

posted by Tina Coleman

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Anonymous said...

I'm one of the interns at the Admission Office this summer, and I just found out from this post that I'll be blogging for W&M web this summer. Sounds fun--I'm looking forward to it. :)