Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Location, location, location

Dear Readers,

Late this afternoon, the re.web and mStoner teams finalized the change to the location of the global navigation bar.

Check out the revised design suite. Keep clicking to see the changed layouts.


PS The mStoner team is remarkable. I am convinced there is NO other firm in the country that would have been as creative and as understanding on a late-in-the-game design change.


Anonymous said...

much better! my biggest complaint about the design was the nav bar across the header image. glad to see someone convinced them to change it.

Anonymous said...

For me, the old placement of the nav bar made better aesthetic sense. I'm disappointed about the change.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I actually prefer the first version of the new website. What gives?

Anonymous said...

Both versions are a large improvement over the website that W&M has had for years. When they go live with it, the impression given of W&M will be much stronger and more accurate. Instead of quibbling about the navigation bar, let's concentrate on quickly moving the project forward.

Anonymous said...

I preferred the first location of the navigation bar as well. It looks fine now (and far better than the current site) but the first version was far superior. It looks a bit blander now.

I've followed this project on the blog for quite some time and it seems like the design team spent a lot of time trying to create a beautiful website.