Thursday, October 11, 2007

My Webdom for an FTE

Voltaire Santos Miran (mStoner senior partner, and recent visitor to the W&M campus) has posted some thoughts about staffing a "smart sustainable web solution" on the mStoner blog:
Nothing produces head nodding more quickly than a conversation about staffing. Or, more appropriately, understaffing for the web within colleges and universities...

Was an era (small era) that large institutions got by on one web editor and one technical person managing the entire public site.

Voltaire references "Shane Diffily’s terrific article about web staffing"—which is also a good starting point for the discussion.

We look forward to what Voltaire, Patrick DiMichele, Mark Sheehy and the rest of the mStoner team have to say to W&M on the subject in our forth-coming Strategy Report.

Posted by Andrew Bauserman


Gene Roche said...

Thanks for this post. It will be interesting to see what William and Mary is able to do to shake loose some resources to bring the strategy/vision to life.

I went to the mStoner blog page and it seemed like there was some excellent information there. I did, however, run into a couple of problems. Registration is required to post a comment, and the registration page requires an annoying word verification. But, the word doesn't display at all for me on a Mac running the latest version of FireFox so I'm locked of registering. Also, I can't seem to find a hint of an RSS feed, which seems to be a real shortcoming of a blog these days.

Any lessons there?

re.web said...

Hi Gene,

There is an RSS link - it is in the upper-left-hand corner of the mStoner blog (on all of the pages), just above Categories and just below the mStoner logo.

Registration didn't work for me either. I'm also using FF on a Mac and had the same problem ... couldn't see the image on the registration page. Tried Safari too and no luck. I'll send a note to the folks at mStoner. This may be one of those "shoemakers children go barefoot" situations.

Would be good to get some W&M commenting on their blog!

Susan Evans

Gene Roche said...

Thanks, Susan. You're right, the RSS feed is there--right where you said. I've guess I've become so dependent on the FireFox auto discovery icon that I totally missed the icon. It worked fine when I clicked on it.

My apologies to the mStoner web designers!