Tuesday, October 9, 2007

HighEdWeb 2007

Several members of the re.web project team will be traveling to Rochester, NY next week to attend the HighEdWeb conference. Beyond enjoying what will hopefully be cooler weather (please no snow) and commiserating with the locals over the Bills' recent loss to the Cowboys on MNF we have a specific and important agenda. Several CMS vendors will be represented at the conference and we will talk in detail with as many as humanly possible. This is a great opportunity to put faces to names, ask specific questions, and to get live, unscripted product demonstrations without the 3-10 second delays of LiveMeeting and WebEx!

Most importantly, we look forward to meeting and talking with our peers in Higher Education. Establishing relationships and learning from their experiences in similar redesign efforts will be invaluable.

We have been anxiously awaiting this opportunity, and we're looking forward to sharing what we learn with the Web Advisory Committee, our faithful blog readers :), and just about anyone who is willing to listen.

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