Friday, July 4, 2008

"This is actually going to work."

This is actually going to work.

I'm quoting an unnamed, but accurate and authoritative, source here (cough, Andrew). Cascade Server is working for W&M!

The re.web team and several key W&M web editors were on task last week. We completed a successful four days of migrating sites from our legacy web server to Cascade. And, we were fortunate to have the patience and flexibility of Josh Henry (Admission), Luke Gill (Dean of Students), Kathy Larrieu (Arts & Sciences), and German Mendez (Registrar's Office) as we worked out the to-be-expected kinks in any new system.

Next week, we expand the migration party, bringing David Williard and Suzanne Seurattan (University Relations), Renell Franklin (Development), and John Wallace (Development) into the mix. We anticipate great things from week two!

posted by Susan Evans

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