Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Soft (not Grand) Launch

Ever been to the soft opening of a restaurant? Well, the soft launch of the new W&M website will be similar! The fun is you get a chance to see it before anyone else does. The reality is that you are visiting when it's not quite ready for prime time.

We plan to provide a preview link of the new W&M site by July 23rd-ish. The preview link will give faculty, staff and students the chance to see the new site before the official launch on July 31.

The soft launch is a preview - not a grand opening. While you're previewing the new site, we'll still be working on it, fine tuning it, and correcting errors we're counting on you to find.

If you're a member of our Facebook group, you're likely to get a pre-preview ;)

posted by Susan Evans


Joel said...

Interesting story. I've been looking at WM for grad school and researching the last year. I currently work in web development @ greenville college and am on the higheredweb list.

I'm excited to see the updated site!

re.web said...

Great to hear from you Joel.

So will you be coming to W&M in the fall? If so, we might have some part-time web work for you ;)

Keep in touch.