Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mark's Shiny New Toy

During the past few weeks, we created and posted a new position for the W&M web team. Lucky for us, Mark C. Windley has accepted the position of Web Project Manager/CMS Administrator. Based on his strong technical background and project management experience, Mark was the ideal candidate for this new job.

Here are a few other pluses about Mark that "factored into his promotion."
  • He's a William and Mary grad.
    (Enough said.)

  • He has two bachelor's degrees - one in fine arts and one in computer science.
    (How cool is that).

  • As predicted by the above, he's a great writer.
    (Re-read his post about LEGOs.)

posted by Susan Evans


Beth in VA said...

Congratulations Mark!

Citec Web Solutions said...

Lot of things are considered while selecting a candidate. Congrats Mark!

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paul smith said...

Nice posting mark