Saturday, June 7, 2008

You can't get by without the right people!

Teri Edmundson in Publications was a lifesaver this week. Seriously, Joel and I (well, mostly Joel) are identifying photography for various sections of the new website. As we nailed down which photos will go with which SPIFFs, we called on Teri for help.

I'm almost embarrassed to say how many times I emailed her to ask for a particular photo - sometimes it was a fabulous Salpukas' shot I'd seen on our current News site, perhaps it was a great pic from a back issue of Ideation. As I sent my 100th (exaggerating) message to Teri, Joel was in his office composing his 50th (still exaggerating) similar message to Teri.

As hard as we tried, we weren't able to overwhelm her ... thanks to Teri, we have all the photos we requested (for this week at least). Wonder if Teri realizes that "no good deed goes unpunished" - does she realize that these email pleas are likely to continue?

You can't get by without the right people ...

posted by Susan Evans

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