Friday, March 28, 2008

VIMS Web Strategy Report

To members of the VIMS community:

As you may know, the College engaged mStoner to partner with VIMS on the redesign of the VIMS website. Last December, members of the mStoner team led a series of meetings at VIMS as part of their strategic discovery process.
A synthesis of their findings is now available (PDF) for your review.

We encourage you to use the re.web blog to comment and discuss this report.

posted by re.web project team

1 comment:

Dave said...

Excellent work. This is a very ambitious project for the VIMS web, but will be a huge advance.

The only suggestions that come to mind are:

(1) Provide lots of training opportunities for users of the CMS so that students, faculty, and staff can all easily and integratively develop web pages. For instance, every student should have a web presence.

(2) Provide a link and portal for VIMS to the new online survey tool that W&M recently implemented (I forget the name). Would be very handy for various groups, especially the academic survey done by the AC and the students.