Friday, March 28, 2008

copyWrite - Connecting with Potential Donors

In copyWrite this week, I'm including copy that might work for the Giving section of the new College site. Giving, one of the eight main navigational links on all pages of the new site, will connect potential donors with information about W&M.

This first draft of Giving copy makes a compelling case:
Excellence doesn’t happen by accident.

William & Mary thrives because we’re blessed with one of the most generous support systems in the country. During the groundbreaking Campaign for William & Mary (2000-2007), you helped raise half a billion dollars for this remarkable institution. But our work isn’t over.

We want to continue to attract the top students in the nation and extend the reach of a W&M education to every deserving applicant. That means more need-based and merit-based scholarships.

We want to reward our hard-working faculty members who are both world-famous scholars and committed teachers. That means more endowed professorships, research grants and competitive salary packages.

We want to continually expand and improve our historic, beautiful campus. That means more state-of-the-art research, performance and athletic facilities.

We want what you want. A William & Mary that never falls short of its own inspiring vision.

posted by Susan Evans

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