Friday, February 15, 2008

Weekly re.web Podcast: Are you listening out there?

Episode 15 of the re.web podcast is called "Are you listening out there?" I need to know: do you find this podcast useful? If you occasionally listen and think we should continue the weekly episodes, please comment on this blog entry. Thanks!

Links to the re.web content within the W&M on iTunes U site:

posted by Susan Evans


Broaddus said...

Admittedly, my attention may qualify more as the choir listening to the sermon, but I'm a proud member of your regular audience.

I think the next phase should be HD broadcasts and satellite feeds, or an information architecture layout that works like those cool electoral maps on CNN where the commentator manually zooms and shrinks the display to show individual precincts or aggregate regions.


Anonymous said...

no. i am not listening. you don't listen to me, why should i listen to you?

wittybanter said...

Your weekly podcasts are highly informative and very useful. I personally enjoy them very much.

However, in the event that the listening audience is not large enough to justify your time investment, I at least ask that you do not completely cease creating these podcasts. Perhaps stick to creating podcasts only when there is an issue to justify it, rather than every week.

Cheers, and keep up the exceptional work!

Anonymous said...

I listen every week...

Kevin K said...

Just found this site while exploring W&M's iTunesU. I enjoyed listening to the spoken word and would like to listen to more weekly podcasts. I realize it takes time to put them together. Perhaps a semi-monthly or monthly podcast? Keep up the good work.