Monday, February 18, 2008

GUEST BLOGGER: Saying "Yes" to Web Re-Tooling Pays Off for Arts & Sciences

Back a year or so ago, before we started our work re-tooling the Arts & Sciences websites, I checked with some colleagues at other institutions to see if they had any suggestions or advice.

“Don’t even try” was about the most positive comment I heard. “Not possible in a university environment to rally around shared objective. Like herding cats.”

Turns out, William and Mary really is different.

Nearly all of our units have now been through the transition process with their websites. We took a fresh look at the content, and new ways we could serve our audiences better. We cleaned up a lot of coding and deleted old files. The results have been gratifying, and we’re now positioned very well for the coming transition to re.web.

Each of our units approached the re-tooling a little differently. The common thread was a real commitment to presenting our work--and the College--so that our audiences could better understand what it is we do, and how they can participate or benefit.

It’s exciting to contemplate what we can accomplish as our 400+ W&M web editors pull together through re.web. And I’m pretty sure those nay-saying colleagues of mine are in for another surprise.

posted by Steve Otto, Director of Communications for Arts & Sciences and guest blogger

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