Tuesday, October 16, 2007

HighEdWebDev: Leaving Home

Brought to you by W&M's contingent at HighEdWeb

This AM, I attended a session about NJIT's work on their iTunes U site. In fact, it was a key component of their university web redesign project. W&M has similar opportunities with our own iTunes U site at http://itunesu.wm.edu.

But this is not a post about iTunes U sites. Instead, it's meant to broaden our view about the web at W&M. For many, the W&M web is contained in www.wm.edu. But there's a big world out there and leaving Home can, and should, mean a voyage to myWM or a trip to W&M on iTunes U.

Web content away from Home (www.wm.edu) means we'll have to make the destination worth the travel. Hmmmm, still "there's no place like home and W&M Home is where the heart is."

Link to NJIT's presentation at HighEdWeb 2007

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