Monday, May 12, 2008

For You (whoever you are!)

We've blogged before about the audience gateways we're building. The idea is that from any of the W&M web pages, you (whoever you are) can visit a page that is customized for, well, you!

View the brand-new page layout for the audience gateway pages. When we launch the new website, we'll have gateways filled with useful links and information for:
  • Parents
  • Current Students
  • Faculty & Staff
  • Friends & Neighbors
  • Alumni
posted by Susan Evans


Andy DeSoto said...

The mockup looks pretty nice! I think it's a particularly nice use of negative space where the "WHY W&M?" is filled in by the grassy background.

I see on the footer that the school is referred to as "The College of William & Mary" and "The College of William AND Mary"-- which format is going to be the standard for the new suite?

re.web said...

Actually, Andy, both are used. But, you're right, we need to be consistent in the footer. Aahh, the convenience of using Photoshop mockups during web design ... it all get's fixed during implementation, right?

Andy DeSoto said...

Oh, it's hardly a problem, I've been wondering myself recently when it's appropriate to use the ampersand versus the word.

Looks like both are acceptable for now!

Anonymous said...

Nice page. I love the fact that you have a "parents" page. The College and University websites I have found easiest to navigate had parent, student, and staff & faculty pages. I guess this is what you call "audience gateways"? Duh! I'm learning :)