Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Up the Hill and on the Other Side of the Lake

Sometimes something just plain nice happens. Last week, I got an email message from the technology director at Walsingham Academy (located up the hill and on the other side of the lake from W&M). Walsingham has a great new web site and David Jenner sent an encouraging word to an IT colleague.
Ms. Evans,

I am the Technology Director at Walsingham Academy just up Jamestown Road from William and Mary. We recently re-worked our website last summer. I am sure our project was a much smaller undertaking than yours, but if there is anything I can do to provide some assistance, please let me know. I have come to know a few of your IT staff, and feel like our two schools are sisters.

I am sure you have put much thought into how you are going to get your new website built and off the ground. I am probably many moons late in mentioning anything (and maybe way out of line). We used to create our website. If I may say so, we found they were a great web company to work with. They have completed web sites for many universities, so they are used to working with large colleges. You might consider browsing their site a little. Perhaps you have already settled on a vendor or maybe you are building your sites in house. I just thought I would share this neighborly info with you.

Here is our new web site:

Best of luck with your project. I hope it is a huge success!
David Jenner
Technology Director
Walsingham Academy
Williamsburg, VA

posted by Susan Evans

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