Tuesday, April 8, 2008

SPIFF and why the extra F ?

If you've been following the re.web project, there's a good chance you've heard one of us use the SPIFF acronym. Calvin's alter ego has no relation to the W&M website. So what the bleep is a SPIFF?

Despite the extra F in the acronym, a SPIFF is a special interest feature. Although I've been asked, don't expect me to know the why on the extra F. This question stumps even mStoner's Editorial Creative Director, Mark Sheehy. Moving on.

The new W&M website will have a plethora (meant to distract you from the extra F) of SPIFFs including W&M Impact, W&M Inquiry, and W&M Style. The plan is to launch the new wm.edu with 5 - 8 stories in each SPIFF bank. Consider:
  • W&M Impact - stories and profiles showcasing the many ways W&M makes Williamsburg, Virginia, and the world a better place to live
  • W&M Inquiry - a series of profiles showcasing research from all units within the College as well as other ways, contemporary and historic, in which W&M has put itself ahead of the curve
  • W&M Style - stories and profiles showing the quietly quirky, eagerly earnest--but always fun and entertaining--student life and traditions at W&M
Did you get an immediate idea for any of the three SPIFF banks when you read their descriptions? If so, please let us know.

posted by Susan Evans

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