Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Heart of wm . edu

The subject of frequent discussion, email exchanges, and meetings is the design and structure of 35 academic departments that are the heart of the College. I am enjoying the conversations with Carl Strikwerda (Dean of the Faculty), Sue Peterson (Dean of Undergraduate Studies), and Steve Otto (A&S Director of Communications). With a collective goal of translating the very nature of Arts & Sciences to the web, this language on the current A&S home page is keeping us focused:
Arts & Sciences is the College's largest academic unit, with several dozen departments and interdisciplinary programs. Together they represent the historic and academic heart of the College of William and Mary, inheriting and building on a long tradition of excellence.

A design layout and information architecture for Arts & Sciences and 35 departments, ranging from English to Biology to International Relations is in the works. We are planning for a presentation to the Dean's Advisory Council, a meeting with the Faculty Affairs Committee, and open meetings for any member of the Arts & Sciences faculty.

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Paul said...


great idea on the redesign blog. i have not found a lot of great examples of good academic department sites so I am looking forward to what you guys come up with.