Wednesday, March 26, 2008

GUEST BLOGGER: Letter from a W&M Web Editor...

Dear re.web team,

I am beginning to make plans for the summer and I wanted to get a bit of information about the re.web project and its timelines. I typically review my site in the summer and want to plan effectively; knowing how the re.web project will affect me would be helpful. I have a few burning questions:

Is there a timeline for the campus to migrate to the new look and content management system (CMS)? If so, when will I be asked to do this?

Also, as we migrate, it seems there should be a change in the tone or feel of the content. Is this something everyone will need to do on their own, or will there be some assistance?

Okay, you can you tell I am excited and a bit anxious about moving to the new format. As a web editor, I am curious about what all this means for me. Any insight would be great.

-Holly Agati
Webmaster for Residence Life

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