Friday, March 21, 2008

copyWrite - Thousands will click here.

In this weekly installment of copyWrite, we'll share some copy that might be like the narrative that ends up on the Admission section of the new web site. Admission will be one of the eight main navigational links on all pages of the new site.

Breeze through this draft web copy created as a first draft for the Undergraduate Admission section of the new
Undergraduate Admission
Don’t let our looks fool you. We have big brains under all our beauty.

William & Mary consistently attracts the most exceptionally talented high school seniors from Virginia and across the world. Last year, nearly 11,000 applicants fought for 1,350 spots in William & Mary’s class of 2011. Take a look at the numbers for this year’s freshmen:

* 79% graduated in top 10% of their class
* the middle 50th percentile on SAT was 1270-1430
* the class includes 77 high school valedictorians and 33 salutatorians

But what really sets W&M students apart is a passion for learning. There are no one-dimensional eggheads around here. (Though there are enough smart alecs for us to anticipate some crack about eggs being three dimensional.) Chemistry majors write poetry for the literary magazine, business majors volunteer in soup kitchens, and football players star in Shakespeare. It’s all part of the proud intellectual culture at W&M, extending from the classroom to the dorm room and everywhere in between.

Yes, we work hard. But that’s because we’re working on things that we love. Our professors—hands down the most committed and engaged in the country—inspire us to go one step further, to challenge conventional wisdom and uncover new truths.

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