Friday, March 7, 2008

copyWrite - a new weekly feature of this blog

copyWrite is a new weekly feature of the re.web blog. Each Friday, we'll show you a snippet (is that a technical term?) of some of the web copy that we're producing and perfecting for the new W&M web site.

Although a picture's worth a thousand words, we still need some - words that is. As you know, eight links will appear on the main navigation for the new One of the eight links will bring you to a section called Campus Life.

To provide a frame of reference here's the copy from the current W&M Campus Life page:
Campus Life
Making the Connection

America's second-oldest college is also the best small public university in the nation. To find out more about William and Mary's heritage, reputation and notable achievements, explore the links below.

Now, here are a couple of paragraphs aimed for the new Campus Life section - in draft format, of course! We'll edit, edit again, and then again between now and late summer. Here goes:
Campus Life - Draft Copy
Being busy just got a lot more fun

If William & Mary students look busy, that’s because we are. Busy making lifelong friends. Busy making exciting music and theater. Busy making a difference in the world. With more than 400 campus clubs and organizations to choose from, staying active and engaged at W&M isn’t an afterthought; it’s a way of life.

Forgive us if we get a little intense about our interests. We were born that way. That’s why we have well over a hundred special interest clubs inspired by political engagement, religious faith, ethnic and cultural pride, environmental protection, and endless geekery from quiz bowl to ping pong to heavy metal.

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