Friday, February 29, 2008

Kindred Spirits

I love driving to VIMS. It's always a relaxing 25 minutes on the Colonial Parkway.

Today, Mark Windley and I spent a couple of hours meeting with Barb Parcell (VIMS webmaster) and Dave Malmquist (VIMS communications director) about their plans for a new VIMS web site. mStoner is creating a new home page design (blue for water?) for VIMS and their site will be part of the new web CMS.

We talked time tables and design choices - and contributed ideas about everything from web writing to project planning. Mark and I promised to share various documents and spreadsheets developed for our own re.webing.

Enjoyed a return trip on the Parkway and fired off a few attachment filled emails to Barb and Dave.

posted by Susan Evans

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