Tuesday, February 12, 2008

But what will my department's site look like?

When many W&M web editors view the new design for www.wm.edu, they almost immediately wonder how their own departmental sites might look. I'm no exception - the IT site, and hundreds of other sites, will use the new page layouts.

Using the current About W&M page, here is a makeover using one of many options that will be possible for W&M web pages:

posted by Susan Evans


Anonymous said...

In the blog post's thumbnail, you cropped the design differently that in the last blog post. This cropping matches what I saw in my browser when I opened the page: part of the navigation bar was off screen, the page is dominated by low-content images, and a whole column is missing off of the right side. Overall, there is a tiny bit of content visible in the lower right corner.

The criticisms on the last blog post are fair.

re.web said...

My cropping of a screen shot to create a thumbnail for our blog is completely random. Just a quick and dirty thing I do on Saturday morning while drinking coffee and watching the Food Network :)

To address your comment though, based on recent stats and conventions, these designs are optimized for 1024x768 screen resolution.

Susan Evans