Friday, January 18, 2008

What's a CMS: A Final Bash

The College will soon be selecting a Web Content Management System as part of the re.web initiative. The decision will take into account feedback from a wide range of individuals with differing backgrounds, and different levels of interaction with the web.

In fact, if you are part of the College community, you can participate in our CMS demonstration events and provide us with your opinions as well.

For our loyal readers who wish to be prepared participants for this event, we've posted the last of our explanations about CMS features and their uses. Here are some questions we've addressed:

Why Comply?
Is there more than text?
Must we say IA?
Does it play nicely with others?

That just about covers it. Is there something else you would like the CMS to do? Or maybe something you'd like to see on the W&M web after re.web? Let us know.

For the curious, this week's title was inspired by my favorite Rowan Atkinson clip, A final bash, from his live stage show.

posted by Andrew Bauserman

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