Friday, November 2, 2007

mStoner and the School of Education

mStoner will be back in Williamsburg next week. One of their tasks: complete strategic discovery sessions for the W&M School of Education.

For those of you who may have missed our earlier posts, strategic discovery is one of the ways mStoner learns about our institution. Members of the mStoner team (in this case, Patrick DiMichele and Voltaire Santos Miran) spend a day meeting with small groups of students, faculty and staff.

We want our new web presence to be both cohesive and flexible. To that end, the School of Education (along with the School of Law and VIMS) will have a visual design and site layout that makes sense for them. In short, they will maintain a resemblance to while developing their own content and character.

Next week's strategic discovery will lay the foundation for a successful redesign of the School of Education web site.

posted by Joel Pattison

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