Friday, November 16, 2007

More about the CMS

Two more Key Features

We've updated our discussion about a CMS for the W&M Web. In our previous discussion we talked about what a CMS is and how the Processing Engine and Data Repository work together to form the back-end, heavy-lifting dynamo of the system. Here are some excerpts from our newest topics...

What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG)?

For those unfamiliar with this era (pre-1984), word processing was done by typing text, and adding commands (bold, underline, etc.) around the text... Early Wiki and Blog tools required learning a special syntax of commands (HTML, Wiki markup, Markdown) to wrap around your text (déjà vu?) to get the appropriate formatting... With re.web, WYSIWYG has come to the W&M web!

Templates and Themes

Professional quality templates (such as the ones mStoner is working on for us) include not only the layout of the textual and graphical elements of the page, but also a stylesheet that defines how those various textual and graphical elements should look... How many templates will we have? This is a trick question.
See the whole discussion, then let us know that you think.

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