Thursday, October 18, 2007

What Do I Do Now?

We have decided to build a new house and completely demolish the old one. Architects and designers are starting to sketch out blueprints. We are interviewing contractors. We are very excited about the prospect of moving into a new space and are envisioning all the details we want to see there.
BUT - we still have to live in our old house until the new one is ready. This means we still have to take out the trash, vacuum and do all the little things that keep our home livable. Planting a new garden is probably not the best idea right now, but if the roof leaks, we have to fix it.
  • Keep web pages up to date.
  • Fix things that are broken.
In addition to keeping up with daily life in our old home, we also have to prepare to move. Let's take a good look at our content. Is it something we really want to move into a new home? We’ve lived in this house for a long time. The corners are full of stuff that we thought we’d need but really haven’t looked at in years. What can we get rid of? The less we have to move, the faster and smoother the process will go.
  • Check out the document “Road to the New W&M Web Presence” for tips on refreshing content.
  • Copy all the files not used for the web site and then delete them from the web folder. (I know, I know – some of this may still be useful. Move it into storage so it is accessible when needed. The idea is to keep only what is used.)
Building a new home and moving is hard work for everyone. Fortunately, we have a few months before the moving trucks get here. If we use the time wisely and get all our “stuff” in good order, the process will be smoother for everyone and we can start enjoying our new space that much faster.

posted by Kathy Larrieu

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