Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Taming the Beast

Our web environment is a beast. We have tens of thousands of pages written in multiple languages by hundreds of authors using dozens of web authoring tools. There are countless custom applications with varying degrees of ... hmmm ... "uniqueness?" Secure sites, public sites (or somewhere in between), personal pages, official content, news, myWM, Banner, webmail, Blackboard, and let's not even talk calendars.

Basically, if you can find it on the web, chances are we have it here at W&M. And Information Technology is proud to offer and support it.

But... (and you knew it was coming), managing this environment is not without its challenges. Enter re.web. As we assess our current environment in light of the goals of the re.web project, the potential benefits that would be provided by a commercial Content Management System are hard to ignore.

Stay tuned for more CMS-related information in this blog!

posted by Mark Windley

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