Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Q&A About Grad Schools

Q: Are you guys going to give William & Mary's Graduate Schools a chance to participate in re.web?
A: Of course!

Q: That's a relief. But... does that mean the graduate schools are going to look just like the home page?
A: Not exactly. When we were auditioning web consultants there was universal agreement that a University's graduate schools should have a complimentary, but not identical look. Think of them as "siblings" to the home page.

Q: Have any grad schools decided to take advantage of the numerous, wonderful benefits of re.web and participate?
A: Yes!-- Law, Education and The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Would you like to know how they're going to be included in strategic discovery?

Q: Actually, I would.
A: In addition to the three days mStoner spends talking to people from the College, each participating graduate school is going to get one day of strategic discovery to themselves. That means their students, faculty staff and administration will have a full day to talk to mStoner about nothing but their respective school.

Q: That's swell. I'll bet they really appreciate that.
A: We hope so.

Q: When are these meetings with the graduate schools going to occur?
A: The School of Law will have their one day strategic discovery session on September 21. Other Graduate Schools will follow later in the fall.

Q: Why does the Law School get to go first?
A: Because they were enthusiastic, and anxious to get started.The Associate Dean of Technology, Trotter Hardy has worked very hard to get ready for mStoner's visit in September.

Q: Is that the only reason law gets to go first? Just because they were so eager?
A: I promise you, it really was that simple.

Q: Will the new grad school web sites launch at the same time as the College's?
A: We will know more after the first mStoner visit. Some of them may go live at the same time as the College's site, but others will be phased in one-by-one after the launch of www.wm.edu.

Q: There's no way you can get them all done at the same time?
A: Sorry, but I don't think so. High-quality web design does take a lot of time and energy you know!

Q: Yeah, yeah, I know. We want to do this thing right.
A: Absolutely.

Posted by Joel Pattison

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