Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I promised I'd write.

It's late and I'm tired from a busy first day with the mStoner team ... but I promised I'd write. The day was a success thanks to those who came for strategic discovery discussions and some hard work by the re.web team. (Thanks to Andrew Bauserman, Tina Coleman, Kathy Larrieu, Joel Pattison, and Mark Windley.)

The turnout was super - 41 attended a non-stop series of meetings that began at 9:00AM and concluded at 6:15PM. Whew!

To wrap up the day, the mStoner team met with a group of talented, sincere, charming, and bright students. Our students represent the essence, and what's best, about W&M. Who wouldn't be engaged by a future web site that captures that?

posted by Susan Evans

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Michael Stoner said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your day with my colleagues, Susan. I'm blessed to work with such bright, energetic, and creative people.

I've been browsing the re.web blog and I appreciate how thorough William & Mary has been in thinking through --and communicating about--this project. As several people have pointed out, this is a large undertaking and as much as we (and many of you) want everything to happen at once, it can't. We're very much looking forward to working with you to launch websites for W&M that are great looking, smart, and built to last. That means being thoughtful about the many steps in the process, being patient, and communicating about the process as much as we can!