Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Are you going to New York or by train?

A commenter on our previous post on Information Architecture (IA) linked to a Princeton PDF containing a plan for "creating website Information Architecture and Content" from the ground up.
If we didn't have mStoner managing this process, we could do quite well from the Princeton guidelines. In fact, before I go further, let me be clear—the document as a whole is very impressive, and rich in specifics for implementation. But...
I must take issue with the definition of IA provided in the Princeton PDF. When I reached page 25, my disappointment was audible as I read:
You have now developed the information architecture for your site.
At this point in the reading, I had the vivid memory of sitting in a Master's-level education course in which the professor paced through the room asking each student in turn to define "curriculum"—and, with rare exception, responding to each student in turn
Are you going to New York or by train?
The point? Many of our definitions confused the "what" of our curriculum with the "how" of our teaching methods.
Likewise, it seems to me that Information Architecture is easily confused with elements of implementation of our web redesign process.
posted by Andrew Bauserman

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