Monday, May 21, 2007

Considering Contribute

As a part of our review of products for managing web content, we are considering Adobe Contribute. W&M's Law School and Swem Library are both using it to manage their sites. Additionally, we plan to spend some time talking with folks at Christopher Newport University about their deployment of the product.

More to come ....

posted by Susan Evans


BFC_Webmaster said...

I've never seen it deployed in such a large organization, but I recommend Contribute to many of my clients. Having just finished a similar, though much smaller, project, I'm looking forward to watching (and maybe one day contributing to) the re.web project. Best of luck to you all, and don't forget that the web is fun!

T said...

Contribute seems like a rather poor choice for this purpose. Why? Lots of users, complicated permissions, and a variety of content. Contribute all too often turns out to be a user-friendly way to make static pages - and this school should not be running on static pages, not in 2007. Get a good CMS, get a good consultant ( ).

Also, hire some people who know the web really, really well and can really administrate whatever you come up with.

re.web said...

Your comments about Contribute are consistent with what we've been thinking/discovering. We are already reviewing proposals for expert consultants and looking at a variety of CMS products.

posted by Susan Evans