Friday, April 6, 2007

Final Member of the W&M Web Redesign Advisory Committee

Patrick Donaldson, a junior, has agreed to serve as a student representative to the Web Redesign Advisory Committee. Membership on the committee is finalized.

posted by Susan Evans


Andy said...

I'm a little surprised that only two students are representing the entire graduate and undergraduate community on this project!

I'll admit I'm not entirely clear on the goals of the WM webspace, but it seems that the news, new student, and resource-based areas of the site are primarily targeted towards enrolled or future students. If this is the case, I'm not entirely sure a rising sophomore and senior will be able to adequately represent the internet needs of the WM community.

(Additionally, I feel that faculty's primary use of the site is to interface with Blackboard in preparing and posting assignments-- again, without any survey data, etc. I can't be certain.)

At any rate, it's great to see an eagerness to improve I just hope the 18 months of change are in the right direction!

Andy DeSoto

re.web said...

Thanks for your thoughtful response Andy. Student representation on the Web Redesign Advisory Committee is the first of MANY ways that students will be represented in this effort. We will regularly involve students in the web redesign project; in fact, we expect to conduct several student focus groups once we have our web consultants on board.

Agreed - this is an exciting effort!

posted by Susan Evans