Thursday, February 1, 2007

re.web's Technical Landscape Coming into Focus

Here is a summary of the technical landscape of re.web from the perspective of of February 1, 2007 (the day before Groundhog Day).

We are regularly bringing together our best web programmers and engineers to brainstorm about the web architecture and infrastructure that will be needed as we move forward. We are discussing the hardware and software implications for which IT will need to be ready.

We are also conducting prep work so that we will be in a position to provide technical expertise once the project and advisory committees are announced. Activities include:
  • developing a list of features we may need in a content management system (CMS)

  • identifying, reviewing, and evaluating products (commercial and open source)

  • setting up test environments (servers, databases) to run some of the content management systems we are evaluating

  • creating a list of functional tasks that those who will test the content management systems will want to try (e.g., create a web page, edit a web page, add an image)
We have a team working on the deployment of ClickTracks. This software analyzes W&M web logs (providing data about who clicks on what, how long they stay, etc). Time spent experimenting with ClickTracks is well spent, because the more we know about it, the better the data we'll be able to provide once the project and advisory committees begin meeting formally.

February activities on re.web will include:
  • Meeting with Mike Connolly to brief him about the re.web project. Mike is the new Director of University Relations and we can benefit from his expertise.
  • Drafting sections for an RFP document.
  • Continuation of the technical work described above.
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