Writing for the Web Workshop

On December 10, 2007, members of the mStoner team will facilitate a "Writing for the Web" workshop as part of the campus-wide effort to prepare content for the new W&M web site. Workshop participants are listed below.

If you already do a lot of writing for the web and want to refresh your content, check out the document "Road to the New W&M Web Presence" for tips on improving your site. Also, there will be another Writing for the Web workshop led by mStoner in early 2008. The workshop will offer something for even the most seasoned web writers.
  • Ginger Ambler, Student Affairs
  • Cindy Baker, University Relations
  • Henry Broaddus, Admission
  • Tina Coleman, IT
  • Kristen Fagan, Administration
  • Kathy Larrieu, IT/A&S
  • Dave Malmquist, VIMS
  • Joe McClain, University Relations
  • German Mendez, Registrar's Office
  • David Morrill, Development
  • Dot Osborne, Education
  • Steve Otto, Arts and Sciences
  • Jennifer Scott, Admission
  • Amy Sikes, Financial Aid
  • Lillian Stevens, Public Affairs
  • John Wallace, Developmentv
  • Jamie Welch Donahue, Law
  • Randy Williams, Student Affairs
  • Mark Windley, IT
  • Erin Zagursky, University Relations

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