Design Concept FAQs

When will the W&M Website switch to this new look?
We are on track for the W&M homepage and many other top-level sites to "go live" in summer of 2008. It's important to understand that we won't wake up one morning to find that all W&M sites have a brand new look from top to bottom. It will take many months to complete the move to the new design. For some fun, we'll begin adding elements of the new design to the re.web project site and blog.

Will the web new site look exactly like this?
Not exactly. Before selecting a design we asked for the opinions of prospective students, current students, faculty, and staff. But the new design still needs to be tested in a real-world environment; the results of this usability testing may produce additional design changes. We'll also continue to work with the mStoner designers to improve the design and develop a variety of interactive features to enhance its appearance.

What interactive features will the new website have?
  • The large photograph will be selected randomly from a bank of images. Every time the page loads, you'll see a different picture.
  • The box labeled "W&M Impact" will contain stories, pictures, flash, or video pertaining to research at William & Mary. The arrows to the right and left of the image will scroll through the most recent features.
  • "W&M Impact" can be minimized so visitors can see the background picture.
  • In the top left corner the "Information for..." menu will provide specialized web pages for current students, faculty & staff, parents, and alumni.
Who created this design?
W&M's web consultant, mStoner created several design concepts. Using feedback from prospective students, current students, and members of the W&M community, the William & Mary Web Redesign Advisory Committee recommended this design.

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